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HA STUDIO is a design studio located in Tel Aviv that offers variety of interior design and planning services for residential, businesses and commercial projects.


I accompany the client throughout the whole process - starting from building a concept, developing it into detailed plans with a strict schedule, including in-field supervision with a special attention to quality and details, going through space decoration until the client is pleased with the results.


To me, excitement is the keyword in the world of design. I find new information about interior design to be a curious and a passion experience which I look for day by day.

Excitement, curiosity and passion are the three things which in my eyes should lead us in our world.

I invite you to explore my website and get inspired from my projects.


Hila Avital

IMG_22410-1 copy_edited.png



Instructor at the Interior Design Colman College, Rishon Lezion


Designer at studio SAY design, specializing in commercial projects. 


Designer at architecture office "Heidi Arad Architecture", specializing in public projects.

B. Design in Interior Design Colman College, Rishon Lezion

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