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Pumice Office (part 2) Tel Aviv

Pumice is a family business that imports and distributes aggregates from Greece - Pumice, Gypsum, Silka sand and Putzlana.


One year on, Pumice company embarked on an expansion endeavor, effectively doubling the size of their previously refurbished office space.


The goal of the project was to seamlessly fuse the new space with the existing one, fostering a sense of harmony and flow throughout the entire area. Our commitment was to maintain the design style, colors, and materials chosen a year ago, creating a seamless connection between the past and the present in terms of design and planning.

The most prominent challenge encountered during the project was the intricate task of integrating with the existing infrastructure, particularly in the realms of construction,  and electrical systems.
This expansion brought additional workspaces for employees, a dedicated meeting room, a well-appointed kitchenette, and a roomy lounge area

Photos by Lihi Strugo

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