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The goal of the project was to upgrade and renovate the kitchen and children's room.

Our vision for the kitchen was to create a modern and innovative space that exudes warmth and welcomes the entire family. We transformed the outdated, heavy, and dark wood-toned kitchen into a charming culinary oasis. With light tones and unique designs, we ensured that the new kitchen became a delightful focal point for the household.

Understanding the importance of functionality, especially in a kitchen used daily by a family with children, we carefully planned the layout. The result was a kitchen that seamlessly blends practicality with a fresh design. A spacious countertop, a central island housing a large stove, and a well-appointed alcove for the fridge and storage in various sizes were among the key features we incorporated.

Our expertise extended to the redesign of the girls' room. Listening to their dreams, we fulfilled their wish for a bunk bed that could easily accommodate a friend. Despite the challenges of a small space, we worked our magic to create a truly enchanting room that maximizes every inch.


With a cleverly designed modular ladder that slides aside, the bottom bunk effortlessly transforms into a comfortable bed for sleepovers, ensuring the room remains versatile and functional.

Photos by Lihi Strugo

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