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We meticulously planned and designed an apartment catered to a young man who had a keen interest in the process, material selection, and color palette.

In a departure from traditional associations, we embraced the color pink, previously perceived as feminine, as a guiding element in certain choices, such as the selection of armchairs and various accessories.

Throughout the project, we embarked on an enjoyable journey together, fostering open-mindedness, engaging in extensive conversations, and truly listening to one another.

This approach is at the core of my design philosophy, guiding me in every project I undertake.

I firmly believe that by embracing openness, active listening, and a sense of lightness, we have accomplished an extraordinary outcome—a home that emanates a warm, inviting, and relaxed atmosphere, while still exuding youthful vibrancy through its vibrant color palette and lively ambiance.

Photos by Lihi Strugo

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